National Craft Month Contest & New Recipe

I’m so excited to be a part of an awesome new site called Homeketeers. It combines everything I love in one place: scrapbooking, paper crafts, home decor, fabric crafts, cooking, baking, and other crafts/sewing/quilting!

To celebrate National Craft Month, Homeketeers is featuring a different tutorial every day for the entire month! PLUS, there is a huge contest going on with FABULOUS prizes: FOUR Cricuts machines!!!!  Yes I said FOUR.  Three Cricut Mini’s and one Cricut Expression.  Each week there will be a winner. How cool is that? I have a cricut and it’s amazing, so if you don’t have one, jump on over to Homeketeers for your chance to win one 🙂


I’m also excited to announce that I’m teaching again at a local store: Craft Fancy

This store is awesome, I love it! Everyone I’ve met there is so nice and the store is so organized and welcoming. This month I’m teaching 2 different technique classes as well as a fun paper bag mini album



Stuff I’ve been loving this week:


Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds are back! It’s been YEARS since I’ve had one, so I just had to get one. It was so yummy!

Barnes and Noble sells the vintage Fisher Price toys!! So cool! They are exactly like the ones I had as a little kid 🙂

Angus chillin’ in the dogs bean bag chair. I love how his leg is up on the arm rest 🙂

Norman eating the veggies I spilled all over the floor. He’s even better than a vacuum cleaner.

My newest favorite meal! Chicken avocado chow mein. Recipe below.

I could seriously eat this every night, it is so delicious! I made it by fluke almost as I was trying to use up some left overs and this is what I created.

Chicken Avocado Chow Mein

– Cooked chicken breast cut into small cubes (approx 1 cup)

– sun dried tomatoes (I love the ones from trader joes) (approx 1/4 cup)

– 6 fresh garlic cloves

– 1 avocado (I get the organic ones from Trader Joes – love their organic produce)

– 1 cup cooked chow mein noodles

– coconut oil cooking spray (I found a great one at Whole Foods)

Peel all garlic cloves and slice them into thin slices. Pan fry garlic until lightly browned in a frying pan sprayed with oil. Mix the chicken and sun dried tomatoes and stir, reduce heat. Add noodles and sea salt, stir. Turn heat off and add avocado cut into pieces. Mix well, but leave some avocado in chunks.