My Own Blog – September 21, 2006

Wow, my own Blog. Finally I have joined everyone else and started my own Blog. Anyway, today is September 21, 2006. My Grandma’s birthday- Happy Birthday Grandma! It’s also Brent’s mom’s birthday too! Happy Birthday Suzanne! Oh- and isn’t it the first day of fall too? Or is it the last day of summer….. Its funny cause last week it was still scorching hot and now its so much cooler and rainy. The wonderful
Vancouver rainy season has started.


Never keep chocolate in the house. Actually never keep sweets of any kind in the house. I swear they call out to me until I gobble them all up. There is a bag of glossette raisins over on the table and I can hear it whispering my name. They aren’t even that good, yet I still find myself making a detour to the table everytime I get up. Bad chocolate. Is there really such a thing as bad chocolate? Yes, yes there certainly is.


I am so proud of Angus. He (and Zoey too) have been so good for so long now- no accidents in the house. They actually TELL us when they want to go out. What a concept!!!! Angus has a habit though of waking us up in the middle of the night (and it always seems to be me who ends up taking him out). He paces back and forth in the bedroom and then goes and scratches on the door. But at least he is letting us know!!! And its so much better then a year ago when we were in the condo and he’d just lift his leg on the corner of the bathroom door. Yeah, wasn’t that lovely. We have to keep all the doors in our house closed at all times because of Gracie the peeing cat. Yep, that is how I refer to her now: Gracie the peeing cat. She pees on beds. ANY bed. She especially loves ours though. She was doing so well for about a week and we were letting her sleep in the room with us. Then all of a sudden, I find a huge wet spot on the duvet. ERGH! I immediately threw the duvet in the washer. I know, its probably not good to wash the duvet, but it costs like $50 bucks to have it drycleaned. The other couple times I washed it, it was fine, but this time it must have gotten snagged on something in the washer cause there is a hole ripped in it. We didn’t even notice it until we found all these feathers and fluff all over the bed. hehe.


Angus is on the couch right now looking at me. He is so damn cute!! I just love him to bits.


Woohoo- tonight there are new seasons starting for good shows- ER, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy. Well, I don’t really watch Grey’s Anatomy. I wonder why I just said “don’t really”, its more like “not at all”. LOL. I think I’ve watched about 5 minute portions of the show a few times between channel surfing. I’m going to start watching it though, I’ve heard its an awesome show. At least now we have PVR (Like Tivo) so I can tape all kinds of things and watch them later.

I can’t wait for Desperate Housewives to start again- just LOVE that show, LOVE it.


So we went on a trip last weekend up North. A camping trip. Are we crazy??? Yeah, I guess we are kinda. I was so used to the nice weather we had down here that I wasn’t even thinking up North = COLD. I was so used to wearing shorts and tank tops at home, that I even packed capris and t-shirts to take camping. LOL. Its a damn good thing that I also packed lots of sweatshirts and fleeces, cause I was wearing 2 shirts, and 2 fleeces to bed everynight. The first night we woke up to find the tent covered in ice. Yes, ICE. We were sleeping in a friggin IGLOO.

We were also in the middle of nowhere at a campground we found down a logging road. It was beautiful though- right on

Lake. I never even heard of

Lake before. We were 30 minutes down the logging road from the nearest town. If you can even call it a town. It had a population of 300. Town of Likely- consisted of one general store, and a pub located inside of the Likely Hilton Hotel. Certainly unlike any other Hilton I’ve seen. See the pic below.


Ok, gonna sign off for the moment. Stay tuned for more stories of our Great Northern Camping Trip!!!

Those damn glosette raisins are chirping again……


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