My New Life

I’ve been here almost 5 weeks already, school has officially started and things are insanely busy already. I have a feeling that time is going to just fly by so I want to make sure I take in as much as I can and really enjoy my time in California.

I do really like it here but I’m still getting used to the heat, it has been so hot here and constantly too. I haven’t seen rain since I was back home in Vancouver. (although we did get a few – and I mean a few drops of rain this morning!).

Classes started this week so from here on in, I will be spending most of my time at school/the zoo. The good thing is that I do have some breaks between some classes so I’m able to come home and let the dogs out half way through the day. ( It’s only a 7 minute drive from my house to the college so its quite close. )


I only had to be at the zoo this morning so the rest of the day I am spending at home, hanging out with my puppies and doing homework (we already have several tests coming up this week!). There is so much information we have been learning this past week it’s a little overwhelming, but I keep thinking how amazing it is to be here and how lucky I am to have this opportunity.  The hardest thing is not being able to talk to any of the animals yet, but I did get to go on a couple walks with the Emu, Julietta!


Zoey and Angus in our backyard today. They are so so happy here : )


Not sure if these are going to be limes or oranges but we have a tree full of them right in our backyard!

This is a bit of a mixed random post today – now I’m going to switch over into scrapbooking stuff.  The newest (and sadly the very last issue) of Memory Makers Magazine is now available! I wrote an article in it, on of course,  Mini albums – there are several new ones I made just for the article. I will be back later to post about the monthly mini album challenges : )