My First Experience with Threading… September 25, 2006

Yesterday I had my eyebrows done- had them threaded actually. First time I ever had them threaded. I am cautious about going to new places to have them done as I have had some not so great experiences before- even at higher price spas. One time I got burnt- like really burnt. The temperature of the wax was way too high and damn did it hurt! The skin above my eyebrows and in between my brows was bright red- scorched- for days afterward and it HURT like mad.

So since moving to Vancouver I hadn’t ventured out to find a new eyebrow place yet. A couple of my friends recommended this place so since I was in the area yesterday I stopped in. I drove up to the salon and saw huge signs all over the windows that said “LADIES ONLY. NO MEN ALLOWED TO ENTER”. Hmmm… interesting. I briefly wondered how a business with the opposite signage would fare. (MEN ONLY- NO WOMEN ALLOWED TO ENTER). I’m thinking- not very well.

So I decide to go in and ask the girl at the counter if I need to make an appointment to get my eyebrows done. She says I just have to have a seat. I waited not even a minute before I got called. Not bad. The place was busy too. It was like I had stepped into
India. All the women working there were from India- as well as all the other customers except for me. And they had the Indian music playing quite loudly throughout. So I sat in the chair, the girl reclined it, and here I was about to have my first threading experience. It was different- wow, was it ever. It felt so odd!!! She was so quick and yeah it hurt. My friends warned me that it hurt more than waxing. But the pain was over instantly- it didn’t linger like the pain from waxing does. I was done in about 2 miuntes. Ok, maybe not that quick- maybe 3 minutes. And the best part- it was only $2.50!!!!!!!!!! How is it possible to find anything that cheap these days??? I used to pay $15-20 to get my eyebrows waxed at other places and they didn’t do as good a job as this threading girl did. I paid, then rushed out to the car to look in the mirrow. Amazingly, my skin was not all red and sore like it always is after I have my brows waxed. This was great!!! I will be back here for sure!

Originally posted on September 25, 2006