My dream came true….

Exactly a year ago. Yes that’s right – my beautiful amazing little girl, Ava, was born exactly a year ago this very hour.

Thinking back to just before I had her, I now realize how clueless I was about so many things. I had no idea how my life was about to take the biggest turn so far. The biggest turn for the better of course. I had no idea how even the upcoming sleepless nights would be so worth it when I got to see her adorable face in the morning. I had no idea how my baby’s laugh or smile can suddenly make an entire day turn into the best day ever. I had no idea what it was going to actually be like to be a mother.

I had no idea that I would be able to love someone so much.

And it just keeps getting better. I’m not sad that she is already a year old. I’m excited. Every day she learns something new and it’s so amazing to watch her gain confidence and see her eyes light up for even the slightest thing.

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet baby girl! We have a busy day ahead of us 🙂