More ups than downs

As I was walking across campus today it suddenly hit me that it’ll be mid October next week. Here we are in Fall already and today really was the perfect Fall day. Blue skies, not a single cloud to be seen anywhere. Warm but not hot, just right for a tshirt but too warm for a sweatshirt. A slight cool breeze in the air that made me think of Fall, however the grass and trees are still green, and there are no leaves on the ground. A Fall like I have never experienced it before, but I like it.

I’ve mentioned this before, how things get really overwhelming – there are good days and bad. Yesterday was one of the not so great days, was just feeling really tired, worn out, missing home, overwhelmed with tests and projects. When I look at my daytimer and see how many things I have coming up, it makes my head spin. Occasionally those questions do pop up such as “why am I here? why did I give up my whole life and what I had to come here? Was it worth it?” And then this morning I got my answers. Watching the sun come up while walking around the zoo with a miniature horse, feeding a gibbon, going on a walk with a wolf and having the 1500 pound water buffalo lick pellets out of my hand. It’s just these little things that can make an entire day and remind me why I’m doing this. And this is just the beginning.


Walter the Water Buffalo


Walking with Nick the miniature horse



with Coraline the California King Snake




Walking Max, the Black and White Tegu


Weezer, the Opossum