Monday Giveaway!

How did Monday possibly get here so fast? I feel like my life is in fast forward mode continously! In exactly one month I will already be in my new house in Southern California. Crazy….

Today’s giveaway is a few different things: a package of Scenic Route Rub On Labels, Making Memories Rub On “Journey” sayings, some Scenic Route chipboard arrows and 7 different templates by HOTP (Pockets & Tags, Mini File Folders & Library Card Holders, Mini Enevelops, Slide Mount Mania, Easy Stitches, Folder Tabs, and Thinga-ma-jigs).  (sorry for the crappy photo)


To be entered just leave a comment here by Thursday night at midnight and the winner will be announced on Friday.

My question for you today is: What was your most favorite vacation that you’ve ever been on?

I am working on a fun new tutorial – I should have it up on Wednesday : )

I have a new recipe for you! I was craving hummus today so I whipped up a batch using what I had on hand. It turned out really good!


1 large can chick peas (590 ml)
2 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp plain yogurt
fresh garlic crushed
sea salt
onion powder
parmesan cheese (about 2 tsp)
(for the crushed garlic, onion powder and salt, add to taste)

I don’t like it too lemony so if you do like the more sour taste, add more lemon juice.

Mmmm, this turned out so yummy and perfectly the way I like it.

Crisp some tortillas in the oven and you have some quick and easy chips to go with it.  Enjoy!


I just wanted to answer a couple questions that I’ve been asked recently regarding my move to the states and our pets. The dogs are just fine (thank you so much for asking : ) ) and Zoey’s test results came back showing she does not have cancer (thank goodness) and nothing else showed up either. They said she is an abnormal normal dog…. hmm… but basically she just has to have her blood and liver enzymes tested every year.

I suppose I have only been taking photos of the cats lately as they are the ones that are staying behind with Brent when I leave : (  The dogs are coming with me to California, and so is Fro, the guinea pig. I took a few new photos of the furries today.


The SoCal Trio




A group shot – sorry it’s kinda blurry! and yes, it was a rather difficult photo to take! haha

(I just realized how well they all blend in with the couch….)