Our sweet little black cat, Gracie is missing. Somehow she slipped out of the house yesterday morning by accident. The strange thing is that no one saw her. We searched the house top to bottom about a dozen times or more, checking in every closet and nook and cranny that we could. We’ve walked all over the neighborhood again and again, even in the pouring rain last night. Its hard enough trying to find a little black cat, but trying in the dark in a torrential downpour was just about impossible. Still no sign of Gracie. Brent is devastated, as she is his baby. 

We made posters and delivered one to each of our closest 35 neighbors (in our complex) and then posted some on telephone poles around the neighborhood. Neither of us got much sleep last night, we spent most of the night sleeping on the couch cause it was closer to the front door then our bedroom is. We took turns jumping up and running downstairs to take a peek out the front door to see if she came back. (we left a dog crate outside the door with a blanket in it and a bowl of food for her). 

It breaks my heart thinking that she is out there in the cold, probably scared and hungry. She is an indoor cat and has never been out of the house before. The thing that worries me the most is that we live near a very very busy road.  We are so sad by this and just want Gracie home safe and sound.