Missing the warm weather of the south…

Well, here I am – back home in cold Vancouver. ( Seriously now, is it true that it might snow here this week?? I sure hope that’s just a rumor!)


I really miss the warm southern california weather that I got to experience the last few days. I even have a bit of a sunburn/tan to prove it!

It was a quick trip but I actually saw a lot of places I’ve never seen before. Yesterday I had almost an entire day to myself before catching my 8:30pm flight home, so I decided to take myself on a scenic tour. Thank goodness for the GPS unit my dad loaned me – thanks Dad!!! That little gadget is now on my wishlist, I don’t know how I managed to live without it until now! And to think up until now, I have been using a map book in Vancouver! A MAP book!!!! Haha

I pretty much was able to find my way to wherever I needed to go, with no problems, with this helpful little mechanism. There were several times that I veered off course because I turned too soon or missed an exit, but then the GPS just says “recalculating” and gives another route! Awesome! I did hear “recalculating” a lot for the first little while, hehe.

Anyway, yesterday was my little excursion day. I started off in Simi Valley, then drove to Westlake Village, on through the very twisty (and freaky!) road through the hills to Malibu. It was a beautiful drive through the hills but the road was so crazy, it was like driving through a sort of obstacle course, with sheer drop offs on one side! Yikes!

Malibu was gorgeous and it was a picture perfect day with blue skies and not a cloud in the sky. I pulled over to get some pictures of the famous Malibu beach, then I continued on through Malibu and to Santa Monica.

I was going to go to the pier but once I got close to it, the traffic was unreal. I guess everyone else was thinking of going to the pier too, so I kept driving. A little while later I was at the airport already, only about 5 hours too early! I was not about to go sit at the airport for that long, so I kept driving with no particular destination in mind. I ended up driving through Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and then finally in Redondo Beach. I happened to find a really nice mall there so I wandered around it for a little while, then drove down to see the beach and found a really cool dog park on the way. Too bad Angus and Zoey weren’t with me! Even with all the extra driving I did, I still managed to make it to the airport 2 and a half hours before my flight.

My big purchase at the mall. mmmmm it was such yummy frozen yogurt!

My big purchase at the mall. mmmmm it was such yummy frozen yogurt!

I know this wasn’t a very exciting post! I’ll post again tomorrow with some new class samples. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my book giveaway post : )  There have been some great suggestions for video tutorials! As soon as I get the next set of classes done, I will start working on the tutorials.