Meanwhile at the zoo

or rather, at our house….

baby hedgehogs our zoo

playing with 3 of the baby hedgehogs. At just a little over 2 months old, they are now the same size as their parents! Wow, did they ever grow fast. Thank goodness human babies don’t grow this fast. These 3 babies are all female and they still live with their Mama. We are keeping all of them, hooray! If you know us in real life, you will know how hard it is for us to part with our animals… it’s hard enough just going away and leaving them overnight!

raccoon animals zoo

Peek a boo!! It’s Russell, our raccoon.

patagonian cavy animals zoo

Waldo playing in Ava’s room again. This guy has come such a long way the last few months.


Mesmerized by the Bubble Guppies. It’s the only thing she wants to watch and as a result I cannot get the theme song out of my head.


This is Emmy, our baby iguana.

hairless guinea pig and teddy bear guinea pig

Playing with our 2 male guinea pigs. Dobbie is a hairless piggy and Charlie is a Teddy Bear Guinea Pig. Fun fact: Dobbie is Charlie’s Daddy! It’s always fun to take them to shows together as no one can believe they are father and son 🙂

toddler in the snow pet pig

We ventured out into the snow a few days ago since Ava was feeling better. We were out there for literally maybe 4 minutes, tops. Basically long enough for me to get these photos. Let’s just say Ava is not impressed by the snow. At all. That’s my girl!


toddler in the snow

toddler in the snow pet pig

toddler in the snow puppy

I’m late posting this but this is our latest family photo ( from December)