Me and my girl

Away again, this time I’m over in Victoria visiting my parents for the weekend (and picking up Angus and Zoey since they looked after them while I was in California).

My parents have a beautiful property which is 10 acres of mostly wilderness/ ponds/ trails/ woods. Behind their property are tons of trails that are most often used for mountain biking and horse back riding. I love these trails and I love running on them! Tons of ups and downs and a total hazard for ankle rolling but the challenge is great and I prefer running up and down hills opposed to flat trails.  So this morning I ventured out into the cold with Zoey as my running companion. We left Angus behind as he insists on sniffing every blade of grass and every leaf he finds, so it really wouldn’t be much of a run with him. Zoey on the other hand was great! I even took a total risk and let her go off leash the whole way. Well her leash was still attached but I let her drag it along behind her. This way its easier for me to catch her if she takes off into a bush after a rabbit/ squirrel/ coyote/ cougar/ horse….. I did pick her leash up to carry it over the water hazzards we came to, but then gave up and just let her pull it through the mud and water. Her nice pink leash was a muddy brown when we got home.

We had a great run (and I know I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow, lol) and Zoey was so obediant for the most part, I was so impressed! She even sat and waited whenever I called “Wait!”. Wow, I’m so proud of my girl!! No sprained ankles or run ins with a wild animal. The only thing that happened is that I somehow managed to fling my iphone from my hand and then watched horrified as it tumbled over and over through the mud….ugh.

Another great thing about being back in Victoria is that I got to visit with some old friends who I haven’t seen for awhile. I’ve missed them!