May Classes

I’ve got 3 new classes coming up in May at Precious Memories: 2 mini albums – one for Mother’s Day and one for Father’s Day, and another Techniques class – Fun!

The past couple weeks have been busy. I’ve  been working on more mini albums as 4 new ones are going to be in the September/ October issue of Memory Makers Magazine. They are all done now and sent off so I can now focus on video tutorials and other fun stuff.

The weather here is gorgeous today – finally it feels like Spring is here. The dogs and I took a nice early morning walk in the sunshine today to the vet to drop Zoey off. She is in there getting a series of tests to check her liver function. (some abnormalities showed up in some blood tests last week).  I felt awful for leaving her there – she was pulling and straining at her leash trying to get to me as Angus and I left. It was as if she was saying “Don’t go!! You’re forgetting ME!!!!”

If only she could understand that I will be back in a few hours to pick her up, but I know she will be stressing out the entire time now. My poor girl.

Angus, on the other hand, would be perfectly fine staying there the entire day if he had too. He must be the only dog in the world that LOVES going to the vet. He just thrives on the attention he gets. Getting poked and proded doesn’t faze him at all. Even when he has to have a blood test, he is fine, as long as he is standing on his back 2 legs only. (these odd little tricks we discover). Getting his nails clipped is a completely different story though….