Lots going on

24 days left until Christmas – oh my goodness!!!!! It’s going to be here before we know it!! So much for my brilliant plan of getting the Christmas shopping done EARLY this year. Still not done, don’t see it happening anytime soon either. I will be one of those shoppers battling the parking lot for a spot the week before Christmas. Then all the long lines, the crazy rush and the jam packed stores. What joy, I can’t wait….

I have been getting quite a bit of scrapping done lately though. Had to prepare for a couple new classes for January for Precious Memories, also prepared for 4 classes for CKC Portland – woohoo!!! I’ll be going down with Nicole (from Tilano) as we’re each teaching 4 classes there – can’t wait -we’ll have a blast (and we’ll make sure we put gas in the car this time – lol!!)

chocokisses2.jpg Chocolate Kisses Class @ Precious Memories

I also just finished up a few Christmas gifts – I made my Grandma and my Aunt each a mini book. I had to send them off today as my Grandma leaves next week – she is going to Africa (Nairobi) with my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas. I’m so envious, how much fun would that be?? My Uncle is working and living in Nairobi right now and Brent and I are dying to go visit. We will one day.


I also made a flip style advent calendar Β for my other Grandma. She lives in a care home now (this is her first Christmas away from the house she lived in for 52 years). Everyday she will be able to flip the page to a new one and some have pockets on them, which I placed a little note for her in. I also have a bunch of little gifts for her which will correspond with the dates on the calendar so she has something little to open each day. I don’t see her very often anymore cause I’m not living in the same city, so I wanted her to know I am still thinking about her everyday. It makes me sad to see how things change so quickly. Just a few years ago my Grandma was living in her own house still, managing pretty well on her own with a little bit of outside help, and I worked only a few minutes away (by car). She used to look after Angus everyday while I was at work when he was a puppy, so I was at her house 3 times a day. I would go over there on my lunch break and have lunch with her. I miss those days.





A couple other projects I finished up last week: a Merry Christmas banner and some Christmas tags.





Now onto a non scrapping subject:

Who else is addicted to LOST??? I never thought I would be, but since my mum lent me the first 2 seasons of the show on DVD, I have been watching them while I’ve been scrapping, and I’m done both now. Perfect timing though as Season 3 is going to be released on December 11!!! Woohoo!!!! I am SO addicted to it now – I find myself thinking about it all the time! LOL!!!


Another thing I am looking forward to – seeing that new Will Smith movie “I am Legend” – it looks really good from the previews. The next movie outing will for sure be to that one. I don’t even remember when the last movie outing was, its been so long…..

Last thing for tonight…. it snowed again today!!! It actually snowed about 4 days ago. Brent LOVES the snow (I hate it, well I hate driving in it), so he got real excited when it started snowing and he dragged me to Canadian Tire to buy a snow shovel. Yeah us and about 30 other people – the snow shovels were flying off the shelves! We even bought an ergonomically correct one – didn’t even know such a thing existed! We also bought one of those plastic dish things that you sit in and tobaggon down the hills. That got me a little excited about the snow. So we get home, wait for some more snow to settle on the ground, then we got all bundled up, got the dogs ready, found some rope and attached it to the sled thingy and ventured out into the…. wet sloppy slush. ugh. It was melting already and was just gray mushy slop. We turned around and went home. The next morning when we got up (to my delight!) there was no trace of any snow on the ground! So there our brand new fancy snow shovel sits, unused. But it looks like it will get used tomorrow. It snowed quite a bit today and so far it has stuck around. We took the dogs out in it tonight and they had a blast!! It’s a very dry powdery snow, which we don’t normally get here. We took the sled out and took the dogs to their favorite fenced in park (well its a baseball field actually) and they ran and played – they were so hyper!! Angus and I got into the sled on the way home and Brent pulled us all the way home! There’s not too much point in taking a sled out around here, this is the flattest area – no hills anywhere! We found a small hill on the walk home – yeah small, like 3 feet high maybe. So not really a hill, more like a mound. We forgot to take the camera with us tonight, but if the snow is still around tomorrow, I’m taking some photos of my crazy snow dogs. πŸ™‚