Look who’s six!

My baby turned 6 today.  When I look back at the last 6 years and how much I have gone through, good and bad, he has been there with me all along the way. My little sidekick, my best friend. Happy Birthday Angus! : )


He’s having a bit of wild hair day in this pic, which was taken yesterday

I have a couple pictures to share from the weekend. We had a garage sale here and my friend’s daughter came and set up a lemonade stand. We made cupcakes and cookies and she sold those and donated her profits to the local animal shelter. (what an awesome kid she is). When the garage sale was over and packed up, we drove her to the shelter and she gave them her money, it was so cute! Then we had to go visit the dogs there and it broke my heart. I wanted to bring them all home : (


we made the cupcakes in ice cream cones – they turned out so cute!


A couple nights ago we went and saw this movie:


It was HILARIOUS!!! I would go see it again in a second. Totally LOVE Bradley Cooper!