Look who “hopped” by today

Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny stopped, er, hopped by today for Ava’s first Easter. Here he is visiting with our 2 baby chicks: “Nuna” and “Lydia”.

Actually it’s one of our Flemish Giant Rabbits “Munroe” but he might as well be the Easter bunny. He weighs more than Ava does!

Munroe is very used to being photographed with kids as he is one of our star animals in our shows. Everyone loves him, he’s a great bunny. Believe it or not, Ava is not the youngest child to have her photo with him. Last week, a tiny little baby who was only a couple weeks old had his photo beside Munroe!

Ava just loves all the animals we have here, and thank goodness for that! She’s got her own little zoo here of about 75 animals! The hedgehogs still scare her though…

But look!! The Easter Bunny did come and left Ava some pretty nifty things for her to find this morning. Poor baby is sick with a cold but I think she perked up a little when she saw her new stuff. Check out those vtech toys – looks like the bunny discovered the great sale that Toys R Us had going recently- buy 1 vtech toy, get one free!! And that blue Easter basket? That was mine when I was little! My mum made that for me and I found it last year at my parents house while I was visiting. Now it is passed on to Ava šŸ™‚