Leaving on a jet plane…..

well, ok not really on a jet plane, but more so a Mazda Protege 5. hehe

We are just about to embark on our 16 hour + drive to Yellowstone National Park (we are driving all night long). It is apparently snowing there right now (oh joy…) and yes we are still going. And yes we are staying in TENTS. In the snow. (oh joy…).  We plan to do lots of outback hiking – I’m going with 2 very active and outdoorsy guys. And the good thing for me – if I get injured I am with the 2 best people – one’s a paramedic and the other is a doctor. You should see the first aid kit they put together to bring, lol.

I took the dogs over to Victoria last night and went out for dinner with my dad and celebrated an early Father’s Day since I won’t be here for it next weekend. Had a great time with my dad, he is really the best! The dogs are staying in Victoria while we’re gone. I am already missing them TONS 🙁

I will most likely not have access to my email while we’re gone, unless I can find an internet cafe somewhere, which I really hope I can find. It would be nice to check in at least once over the next 10 days.  Oh and I will be leaving 2 of my regular traveling companions at home for the first time: my laptop and my hair straightener. I will miss them both. A lot. Instead I will be taking binoculars and bear spray. Not quite the same…..

For those of you registered for my online class, I just sent you all an email that the supply list has now been posted in the forum. If you have any questions you can leave a post in the forum or email me and I will answer them as soon as I can 🙂