It’s going to be a White Christmas…

This is what I heard on the news today, actually what they said was that there is a very good chance that all of Canada is going to have a White Christmas – the first time this has happened since 1971!

This is somewhat unusual for us West Coasters, as we are used to and quite enjoy our green Christmases. (Well, at least I do!)

We got majorly dumped on with snow yesterday, its been coming all week, bit by bit. I was out last Wednesday running errands and got caught in a snowstorm and actually got the car stuck in snow on the street! Since I was by myself, I was totally panicking. I did manage to get the car moving again, but I decided just to go straight home and forgo the rest of the errands I needed to do. What normally would have been a 20 minute drive home took me over 2 hours. Trucks were sliding across the road, big semi’s were stuck in the snow, it was just a mess out there.

Anyway, yesterday we got it bad, lots more snow. We took the dogs to a big park yesterday and tried to go sledding, but the snow was so deep in some places that the sled wouldn’t even go down the hill with one of us on it cause we were too heavy for it and it just dug into the snow. However, Angus took a huge liking to the sled (lol!). He got on it and let us pull him all around, then he even let us send him down a little hill and he SAT on the sled! It was too funny. I tried to get a video of it but it was too dark outside. He must have had a lot of fun on it cause we came to this steeper hill that didn’t have deep snow so I sat on the sled and was about to go down the hill when Angus ran to me and jumped on my lap!

I’m really going to miss these guys this next week. I leave first thing in the morning for Indianapolis. This is the first Christmas that I’ll be spending away from home. I’m going to my sister’s this year to spend Christmas with them and my parents are flying in from Florida (they just were on a cruise for their 40th Wedding Anniversary). They get in about an hour before me so we’re all meeting at the airport. I’m really excited about seeing everyone! It’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve talked to either of my parents and I think that’s the longest ever! But the sad thing is that Brent has to work all through Christmas so he’s staying here, and of course all the pets have to stay. We’re going to celebrate Christmas together the first weekend in January and we’ll be going to Victoria to spend it with my parents there and Brent’s mom.

Here are some pictures of our winter wonderland!


I got a really nice surprise in the mail today from Kelly-Eileen (aka Pryn), she’s been taking some of my online classes. Look what she sent me: a beautiful card she made and 2 adorable stamps – a paw print and a little white dog stamp that looks like Angus!! It’s so cute! Thanks so much Kelly-Eileen, you made my day!