It’s almost Christmas!

How can it possibly be Dec 22 today? That means two things: 1) I am so not ready for Christmas and 2) I haven’t written in my blog for 23 days! Shame on me. It just shows how insanely busy this month has been so far. Should I make it my New Year’s Resolution to write in my blog everyday? Nope, cause then it definetly won’t happen. New Year’s Resolutions and I just don’t mix.

Anyway I hope everyone else is ready for Christmas cause I sure am not! It is after 11 am already and I am still sitting on the computer, obviously stalling now. I have to wrap gifts, finish not 1, not 2, but THREE scrapbooking projects that I plan to give as gifts. I also have to bake dog cookies, do other Christmas baking (for people), clean the entire house and get the guest room ready (right now it is a gift stashing room). Oh and the grocery shopping has to be done still for Christmas dinner AND I have 2 projects I need to do to take to my LSS to drop off next week so they can use them as samples for some upcoming classes I will be teaching there. How exciting!!

So lots to do, today will be busy. Brent just went out for a bit to this dyke we have not far from our house. Snowy owls live there and he is hoping to spot one and take some pictures.

Here is Angus and Zoey’s Christmas picture with Santa from this year. Jodi, Dasha and I took them to the mall on Wednesday night for their pet photos with Santa. It was busy and we waited for over an hour in line. NOT FUN. Especially since there was a cat in a carrier right behind us and Zoey was acting like a complete physcho trying to get at it. Quite embarassing, she usually is much better behaved than that. I still don’t understand why she goes so crazy when we see a cat somewhere. She has her own cat at home and could care less about Gracie!

Santa photo 2006