Introducing Oscar….the houdini


Yes, that’s right: We got another pet. *sigh*

It all started about 3 weeks ago when we went to our local little pet store to pick up some fish food. They *thankfully* do not support puppy mills therefore they refuse to sell animals at the store. (please please be aware that any pet store that SELLS puppies and kittens (that are not being fostered from an animal shelter) are most likely coming from puppy mills – which are HORRIFIC things. Anyone who buys any of these animals or stuff from one of those stores is just helping to support the awful puppy mills….)

Anyway… this pet store often fosters a cat from the local animal shelter. This particular day they had 2 black kittens they were fostering so of course Brent was drawn to them like a magnet. I could barely get him away from him – the kittens were cute of course and they looked just like our Gracie did when we adopted her. So then Brent is wanting another cat, but he’s actually serious about it! I was trying to drag him from the store saying no way, we cannot get another animal. We ended up discussing it to great lengths for the next couple weeks and thought that maybe it would be good for Gracie (our cat) cause she is so attached to the dogs and whenever they are out of the house or away visiting my parents she gets so sad and stressed. The owner of the pet store told us if we are really interested then go to the shelter cause they had around 40 kittens needing homes. So…. this week we went – just to see. They had so many but lots of the kittens had pending adoptions already. They had older cats too that I fell in love with but because we already have an adult cat it would be easier to bring a younger one into the house. It truly broke my heart. I wanted to bring them all home. There was a very scared tabby kitten hiding as far back in his cage as he could and he was still available for adoption. After holding him and talking it over, we went and filled out a 5 page application to adopt him. They had to do reference checks on us and everything but a few hours later we were able to come back and take him home.

He is settling in really good and has completely come out of his shell! Gracie hated him at first but I think she secretly really likes him now and they have even started playing together today! I have to admit he is adorable, a little 2 pound ball of fluffy cuteness! However, Oscar is a little Houdini! He manages to find the tiniest hiding places (I mean, he is about the size of our guinea pigs!). I lost him for a couple hours tonight and I was in a total panic. I searched the house high and low, every little nook and cranny, every cupboard, even the dishwasher! I thought maybe he managed to slip out the door or something so I even walked all around the house, the neighborhood and was checking bushes and stuff! I did find him, thankfully. He managed to wedge himself between the corner desk and the wall in a place where I could not see him. I had to pull out another table and the printer just to be able to see into this crevice and there he was, all squished in and sleeping soundly!!!

So I do have to apologize to everyone who was in the class chat tonight when I suddenly disappeared – that’s where I was – kitten hunting!

This little guy is going to be a handful, good thing he’s so irresistibly cute and lovable! 🙂