Home Sweet Home

Back home once again, it’s been a long day of traveling. I had to fly first to Dallas, then hung out there at the airport for a couple hours while I waited for my flight to Vancouver. It was hot! There I was dressed for winter wearing 4 tops including a big down filled puffy vest. I felt like I was going to melt just walking from the plane into the airport. After peeling a couple layers off I got to know half of the airport really well in my quest to find a Starbucks, which there weren’t any of in my terminal, believe it or not. In my travels I came across an Ipod Vending machine! I guess vending machines aren’t just for drinks and chips anymore. Now you can buy accessories for your traveling companion (your Ipod of course) or a new Digital Camera, if that happens to be what you’re in the market for while waiting for your flight. Ok, am I the only person who has not seen these yet?? My 3 trusty traveling companions include my Ipod, laptop, and Nintendo DS, all of whom could have benefited from some sort of purchase from the high tech vending machine. I did try to take a picture of it, without being too obvious. Sorry for the blurry pic, but I had to take it quick between groups of people walking by.


Anyway, the flight was good, and arrived early which is always a bonus. I had the entire row of seats all to myself – Fabulous! There were TV’s on the plane – which means in flight movies! – Fabulous! In flight movie: Hairspray. Um, not so fabulous. I was kind of disappointed as it had a great cast (although it was weird to see John Travolta playing a woman…). Maybe it was the fact that I was squinting at the small movie screen, or the other distractions of being on a plane, but I could just not focus on the movie at all & all the constant singing and dancing was driving me crazy. Perhaps I will give it another chance one day, I should know better then to watch them on planes, this always happens – I just have such a hard time focusing.

The good news is I finally finished a book! I’ve been reading this book since I bought it in Las Vegas back in September. I absolutely love reading but hardly get a chance to anymore. All I seem to read now are scrapbooking magazines or those celebrity news/ People type magazines while I’m on the elliptical at the gym.

I’ve been in 5 different airports in the last week and I have to say that I think Vancouver is the nicest 🙂

Overall I had a great time with my family in Indy, I can’t wait to go visit them again in March.

New Stores I discovered and love: (and a huge THANK YOU to my sister who took me around and introduced me to all these fabulous places!)

Hobby Lobby: Fantastic! And they had an awesome sale on ribbon which made me very happy!

Cost Cutter: Some cool stuff here

DSW Shoes: Self explanatory

Archivers: Totally awesome

Panera Bread: their Harvest Salad is AMAZING!!!

Wild Oats: LOVE this store! Wish we had one here.

Some of my other fave’s that we don’t have at home:

Petco: Had to go pick up some goodies for the furries!

Trader Joes: No Pudge Brownies, Dried Mango fruit sticks, and think thin protein bars – YUM!

Crate & Barrel: Always a favorite

Borders: I could spend all day here

Bath and Body Works: mmmmmmm…..

Target Superstore: Huge! So much stuff here!