Holiday Prompts for December….Day 14 of 50 days of Journaling

Welcome to December! I wish things weren’t so crazy around here right now, so I could actually get posts up every day. That would just be amazing. Hopefully I will have some exciting announcements soon, just not confirmed yet…”

So for the month of December, I know a lot of people (I wish I had time to do this, this year) are making the daily December albums. I totally love those so much, if you are doing one, feel free to email me some pictures and I’ll post them up here, or leave your link in a comment. All the journal prompts for December will have to do with the Holidays/ December Daily albums. Hope you enjoy them!

Today’s prompts:

1. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

How are things looking in your home? the mall? your neighborhood? Do you have decorations up yet? Do your neighbors have Christmas lights up? What does your favorite mall have for their big holiday displays?

2. How December started…

How did December start out for you? Was there snow outside or was it unusually warm for this time of year? Any special events happening in your area?