Holiday Prompts: Day 16 of 50 Days of Journaling

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have just recently bought a house and are moving in one week! It’s been a mad scramble around here trying to get everything packed up, as well as finish Christmas shopping and get projects completed.

Today’s prompts are about senses:

1. What are your favorite smells about the holidays?

This one is so easy for me, I LOVE the smell of live Christmas trees (even though we’ve been getting the fake ones for years), and I love love love the smell of the Christmas dinner baking and of course my mom’s fresh shortbread right out of the oven. Those goodies barely have a chance to cool before we gobble them down!

2. What are your favorite tastes about the holidays? Favorite recipes?

Another easy one: the entire Christmas dinner that my parents make, including all the glorious desserts: trifle and shortbread are special Christmas time favorites.