Hidden Veggie Recipes for Picky Toddlers (& Kids of all Ages!)

hidden veggie recipes for picky toddlers and kids

It was literally only a few months ago when Ava was eating everything we put in front of her and I remember boasting proudly that she did so. Well I sure learned my lesson, now she has become much much pickier with her food. She has also learned that having 3 dogs and a pig sitting under her chair are great friends, as they happily gobble up any evidence of her not eating her food. Therefore, because I refuse to let her eat only bananas and mac n cheese for every single meal, I have had to get creative with adding veggies into other foods. Here are a few of our go to meals that so far have been a great success! It also works for hiding veggies from my husband too! He loves these meals as much as Ava does :)

My newest favorite (and this will now be my go-to rolled cookie recipe! Yep it’s that good!): (click on the photo to see the recipe)

(all of my recipes are posted at Homeketeers now, and you can print them out directly from there if you’d like to :) )

This muffin recipe is also a new favorite, they are so moist and delicious!


This oatmeal is really tasty and Ava loves it! It’s a great way to get some veggies into her first thing in the morning:


We make these latkes in our house all the time! They are good for any meal, any time of the day :)


These Broccoli Cheddar Sweet Potato Pancakes are soooo yummy!!!

There are a bunch of neat ideas of healthy additives to jazz up mac n cheese:

I have some more hidden veggie recipes that I’ll get posted up here soon. I also have a bunch of other great healthy recipes for toddlers on my Toddler page here.

Enjoy! :)