Here it is!

I am really excited that I can post this (I asked today and was told I can :)) – the reason why I am in Cincinnati right now, is because I am here for part of the photography for my book. Outstanding Mini Albums: 50 Ideas for Creating Mini Scrapbooks.


We did all the photos for the step by step tutorials in the book and we finished ahead of schedule by 2 days. There will be 38 step by step photo tutorials in the book as well as additional technique photo tutorials, and 50 mini books of various themes and types will be featured.  I met lots of the fabulous people from F & W who are working on this book in some way (editors, designers, marketing, sales, photography) – what a fun team they are! Now that I’m all done here, I’m kind of sad to be leaving. My editor Kristin is awesome, had lots of fun with her. (and she introduced me to Graeters Ice Cream today!!! YUM!!!) So the book won’t be out until next January, but now I can relax a bit cause all the mini books are finished and are at F & W waiting for the next round of photography.

I leave tomorrow for Indianapolis – lucky for me my sister lives there and its only a 2 hour drive from Cincinnati! I rented a car today and thought I’d take myself on a little tour of the city before I leave it. After looking up some addresses online of some stores I wanted to visit, I wrote down the directions and set off into the dark, rainy evening in my little red Kia rental, lol. The area I was heading to was about 20 minutes down the highway and I actually made it there no problems. Getting back was the issue. I started off ok, but was then thrown off by the only 2 signs – one way was Kentucky and the other was Columbus. Um, where is Cincinnati???? I chose Columbus, apparently was a good choice. Everything was fine, until I got to the Cincinnati turnoff, there was an accident right on the exit ramp and it must have just happened, so it kind of threw me for a loop but I could still get around them. As soon as I did the round about thing to the other highway I was suddenly on another exit ramp and before I realized it, it was too late to turn off. I had then done a complete loop and was heading back in the direction I had been coming from. ergh. Had to go down to the next exit to turn around,drive all the way back and when I got back to my exit, there was a cop car blocking it off! I had to go to the next exit, turn around and backtrack to the same exit but on the other side of the highway so I could take it. Then I missed my turnoff and got detoured about 40 minutes until I managed to find the street the hotel was on. What an adventure! In the dark, rain, and a city I’ve never been to before! I wonder how many times I will get lost on the way to Indianapolis tomorrow, hopefully not many!


one of the boxes of mini books after we finished the photos


The lobby at F & W