Happy Canada Day!

Well it’s just about over now, but still….Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there! : )

I am still in Victoria for another few days and wanted to post a couple pics of my cutie neices. They left yesterday and are safely back home in Indiana. I just can’t believe how fast they are growing up!




Today I went downtown Victoria to walk around with one of my very best friends (we’ve been friends since we were 5). I didn’t even think about the fact that it was Canada Day and would therefore be complete chaos downtown! Yep it sure was, but it was fun to walk around down there again, it’s been so very long since I’ve been there! If you know Victoria at all, you would probably agree with me that’s it’s one of the most beautiful places ever! Right down by the parliaments buildings and the Empress Hotel – is the inner harbor with the causeway and there were so many people out today celebrating. The weather was perfect too. I managed to get a few phots but they didn’t come out very good. I didn’t realize that my water bottle leaked in my purse – all over my camera!! It wouldn’t even work for a little while but slowly came back to life when it dried out  (thank goodness!).