Superman Cookies

I found these cool superman decorations last month at Hobby Lobby so I’ve been anxious to use them on something.  The best thing about the cookies was the icing – YUM!! Cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla and butter extract, I am totally making this icing from now on whenever I make cookies, cupcakes or cake – it is fantastic!!!!


My Mum is in town visiting us for a couple days and my parents took us out for lunch to this awesome French restaurant – it was SO good! We will for sure be going back there again.

I just want to say a quick note about the mini book submissions: I am so so sorry but I haven’t fully decided on which ones to add to my book yet, but I will within the next couple days. This was a much harder decision than I thought – I got so many awesome submissions! This week has just been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to make up my mind yet. Thanks for being patient with me!