Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! I hope you are all having some awesome BBQ’s and parties right now!

I just got back home to Vancouver, leaving behind my hometown, my parents and my friends. There were some sad goodbyes this week that’s for sure. I tried to cram in as much as possible while I was there, trying to see as many people as possible, but there were some I didn’t get to see. Thank goodness for facebook so we can still keep in touch! 3 of my really good friends are pregnant right now so I’m pretty sad that I’m going to miss the birth of their babies (and my best friend is having twins!!).

Anyway, after a very long and hot wait at the ferry and then on the ferry, the dogs and I were relieved to pull into our driveway tonight….however, I then realized I had no house key!! Brent was working quite aways away so I started on the long drive there but luckily part way there I was able to get ahold of a friend of mine who also has a key to our house. I met up with her, got the key and we’re happily home.  (*note to self: make sure the car I get in California has AIR CONDITIONING!! cause ours here doesn’t…).  Our house is so empty now and not surprisingly so is our fridge and cupboards. There really wasn’t anything to make for dinner and I didn’t feel like going out again so I had a protein shake and a can of chick peas. Good times

Exactly one week from right now we will be on our way driving down to California! Crazy!!

So, I’ve been having a great time looking at everyone’s favorite projects! here are a few of my favorites (and I’ll post some more tomorrow)

mustangkayla’s cute mini book: I absolutely LOVE the papers she used, those colors look awesome! Take a look at her blog header – she has the cutest picture of one of her little ones up there!

Sammie’s layout documenting a year in her son’s life: this is such a great idea! It’s really cool to see how much he grew and changed in the year!

Christine’s adorable mini album: I love everything about this – and check out her cool idea about using the ribbon for a page marker!

ChrisA’s fab layout: very cool and I especially love her handmade embellies!!