Happiness is…..

* A gorgeous sunny day after a couple days of rain
* clean puppies!! Both Angus and Zoey had baths today : )
* Finding out that I’ll be training a hyena, a capuchin monkey, a golden eagle and an Indian crested porcupine!
* new animals at the zoo
* getting to touch both a hippo and a rhino at the LA Zoo last weekend
* having a great workout at the gym
* getting emails from my family and friends (even though I’m horrible at writing back right away – I’m sorry!)
* snuggling with my puppies after a long day
* being right where I am, right now
* and of course, being in love : )

Today is my only day off until at least mid-April so I’ve been cleaning, doing laundry and heading off to the gym now. I’ll be back later, hopefully, with a longer post. That is, if I can get all 7 papers that I have to write for school done…..

Happy Sunday!