Halfway Point

To quote the very awesome Ferris Bueller (oh how I still love that movie!) “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” How true Ferris, you are so wise.

Obviously since I have not updated my blog in quite awhile (shame on me, I know), I have not been online as often as I used to be. Stuff keeps coming up, time is passing so fast, and in a blink another month has gone by. I am finally just now seeing the end to this cold I have had for almost a month. It was really bad for a couple weeks, and there were at least a couple days I couldn’t even drag myself out of bed.

I cannot believe I am at the half way point already in my pregnancy! Seems so strange sometimes because the only real symptom I am having is my expanding waist line. I’m still not feeling pregnant, and I haven’t yet felt this little one moving inside of me. We did get to see her moving all around on the ultrasound and that was really cool. Yes, HER, we’re having a little girl 🙂

So I’ll do a quick re-cap on the last couple months. In January, I got to go back to Canada to visit my family and friends. First time in a year and a half! It was great to be back, I spent most of the time in Victoria but I did get to go over to Vancouver for a couple days too. I got to spend a lot of time with my parents, with good friends, and I ate a heck of a lot of fabulous food! I had really forgotten how great the food is back home, both at my parents house (they made sure to make all my favorite things while I was home!) and at my favorite restaurants. My dad made all my favorite dinners: Hungarian Chicken Paprika, perogies, roasted cauliflower, Langos (also called elephant ears at some places), cucumber salad….. and my mom made all my favorite desserts: trifle, cream cheese pear pudding, and shortbread.

The Alex Fraser bridge in Vancouver. It’s funny how I forgot how much I hate driving here because of all the bridges. I’ll take driving in Chicago or Los Angeles any day over driving in Vancouver!

I got to visit lots with one of my most best friends and her adorable 2 year old twins!

The cake my parents had at their party: since it was my first time home in so long, it was to celebrate both our wedding last May and the baby 🙂


Once I got back to Chicago, things got really busy, and within a week I got really sick. I did want to continue on with my 12 on the 12th, so I did it but it was all stuff around the house. In other words, not too thrilling.


1. What I usually had on my bedside table while I was sick: a box of kleenex and some hot tea.

2. Baby books: there is actually a stack of them on Steve’s bedside table. He’s been reading one to the baby every night 🙂

3. Angus, my little cutie.

4. Moose, just being Moose. Notice the pile of dog toys in the background? He still drags out like 20 toys everyday.

5. Zoey in her usual spot: on my pillow.

6. Ocho, our macaw, doing a little dance for me.

7. Baby clothes already in the closet.

8. Our backyard with the new fallen snow.

9. Trader Joe’s bag from a recent shopping trip.

10. Remy, our newest little rat. He’s a hairless dumbo rat and he’s such a sweetheart.

11. A cute little elephant toy that I brought back with me from Canada.

12. Norman, our pig, lying in our bed sound asleep. Note that he is lying on Steve’s chest, under the blanket even. Hehe