Giveaway winner and update

Finally I have internet at my new house! yay! No more trying to do everything via my iphone, haha

The winner for the October Afternoon products is:

AmandaV Says:

The scariest/craziest thing I’ve ever done was pack up my family and move cross country one summer without jobs or a house lined up. Thank God for family that put up with us while we relearned everything around us and started all over again, from these experiences we grew! we became a closer family and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Please send me your address Amanda so I can send your prize out to you! I totally loved reading everyone’s stories about the scary things you’ve done!

I will have another giveaway posted next week: I still have to unpack all my scrapbook stuff! I will also be starting the Mini Albums monthly challenges in August.

The move went well for the most part. It was a very long drive (22+ hours in the car total). The dogs were fabulous, they barely made a peep the entire time. They absolutely love our new place – so much room to run around both in the house and in the backyard! The weather has been great too – some days have been extremely hot but it totally cools down at night. I’ve been having to bring a sweater with me wherever we go cause its so hot outside but so cold in all the buildings cause the air conditioning is cranked up – lol! Just something I have to get used to.

This week has been nonstop crazy busy since we arrived. Getting my cell phone hooked up with AT&T was a major ordeal – took over 3 hours in the AT&T store! Getting a bank account down here and the cable and internet set up wasn’t as difficult though luckily.

We did have a little mishap on our way back from Ikea… we bought a bed and a chaise there and had to strap the mattress to the roof of the SUV. As we were driving down the I-5 freeway, the mattress fell off!!!! It was still partially attached to the car so it got dragged a bit before we could pull over. Thankfully we were in the right hand lane and there was a bit of a shoulder to pull over on. Needless to say I did not get any pictures of the glorious event as we were both extremely stressed and frustrated (and trying not to get hit by the cars whizzing right past us) and it took awhile to get it secured back onto the car – plus it was almost 100 degrees out and we were dying in the heat.  We can kind of laugh about it a bit now, since we made it home safely eventually, and that it didn’t cause a major accident!

Car shopping was the next big thing we did – 2 solid days of it, so not fun at all. We heard about car auctions that towing lots hold – to get rid of impounded cars and thought that it might be fun to go to one of those. Um, not so fun. That was sure an experience, one that I will never EVER repeat again. Lets just say that we found ourselves in a very sketchy part of Los Angeles, like a place I thought only existed in movies…how naive of me.

We finally found a car yesterday through a dealership – so here is my new car: a 2004 Ford Focus! Seems to be a great little student commuter car : )


And one last picture for now: Zoey enjoying her new chaise. She has already claimed it as hers and has slept on it each night since we got it. (which isn’t all bad cause it means she isn’t sleeping on MY pillow and kicking me in the head repeatedly during the night which is our usual routine). I have since covered the chaise with a blanket as white chaise + black dog = cleaning nightmare