Friday Photos

Here are all the photos that I posted this week on Instagram:

Just a little bit of randomness for today 🙂

This is Angus last night on our way into Chicago for a show. He and Moose were both requested for the show but since the vehicle was full of all the other animal’s crates, Angus got to ride with me 🙂

I made this yummy Shamrock Smoothie yesterday. Recipe is here. You won’t believe this is so healthy and that there is spinach in it but there’s lots! It tastes like the Shamrock shake from McDonalds!

Another recipe I made yesterday – Spinach and feta muffins. Healthy and sooooo delicious!! The entire batch is gone already, 1 day later. Recipe is here.

A family favorite: Pancake breakfast! Steve likes his plain and Ava and I love the raspberry ones! made from scratch, recipe is here.

Watching what else? Bubble Guppies of course!

I’m ridiculously excited that our chickens are laying eggs again!