Early morning excitement

It’s not what you think. Really.

Our morning started the same as usual today, the dogs woke up really early and I let them out into the backyard. Then I went back to bed to get back under the warm covers. Steve got up a few minutes later to let the dogs back in. Moose ran in the room and jumped on me like he hasn’t seen me in a month. He does this exact thing every single morning. Steve came back to bed and Moose went and snuggled with him for a few minutes. Suddenly Steve starts freaking out and jumps up – he found a tick crawling on his arm! A TICK!! It hadn’t eaten yet as it was still small and it hadn’t bitten him. He squashed it in the sink and washed it down the drain but he was really freaked out. He had a bad experience when he was a kid and was bitten by a tick. I hate ticks too so it made me feel a little uneasy that it was in our bed! I’m almost certain it must have come inside attached to Moose’s long fur. He loves to rummage around at the back of the yard in the bushes, which is a great place for those nasty ticks to hang out.

So being all grossed out by this tick, we did a major clean of the entire house right then. Zoey was already lying in the laundry basket of clean clothes I had brought up the night before and forgot to put away, so Steve took the whole basket down to the laundry room so they could be re-washed. Then the bed was stripped and all our blankets/sheets and the dogs blankets, pigs blankets, couch throw blankets, etc from all over the house were put in the laundry. Suddenly I had like 8 loads of laundry to do. Steve put all the dogs in the tub and bathed them, then he meticulously checked each one all over to make sure they didn’t have any ticks. Meanwhile I vacuumed and dusted every room in the house, including the stairs and laundry room.  Every room that is except for Ava’s as she was still sound asleep in bed. It was such an accomplishment though having the whole house cleaned so quickly and so early in the morning!