Day 8 of 50 Days of Journaling

Today’s prompts:

1. Happiness is…..

Try to think of the little things that often get overlooked. Such as those listed in the Book of Awesome. Great book, I highly recommend.

Some examples (which happen to be some of my little happiness things) are:

– getting a great parking spot (which is great when the whole parking lot is full and then you find an empty spot right up front)

– Ice cubes that easily pop right out of the tray (side note: the BEST ice cube trays I’ve found are the silicone ones from Target. And they are often on sale – so what if they’re bright pink? They are amazing!!)

– Air Delight Hershey Kisses. Try them, you’ll love them. For all the Canadian’s out there – think of an Aero bar in a Hershey’s Kiss. Yep, AMAZING.


2. Where I live

Describe where you live and what you really like about it.  (can be about your home and / or the city you live in)


– I am really trying to get used to living in Chicago but I am totally homesick for both California and BC, Canada.