Day 7 of 50 Days of Journaling

For today’s journaling prompts you may need to keep them in the back of your mind and come back to them later.

1. This made me smile….

How many times do you smile a day? Hopefully more than you think you do. What is life without the fun stuff? The good stuff? The warm feelings? Today while you’re going about your regular activities, try to be aware (and remember when and why) of the times you are smiling. Or even just one specific thing that brought a smile to your face. Do something a little extra maybe and smile at a stranger you see at the grocery store, or at someone walking past you on the sidewalk. Remember, “Smile and the World smiles with you.”

2. Today I accomplished….

Some days go by where I am so thrilled that I got so much done, and what a productive day it turned out to be. Others pass by in a blink and I feel like I got nothing done, however, when I think about it, I really did get a lot done. They may have been small things, but even the small things are accomplishments. Today give some thought about all the little things (or maybe even big things) that you finished or crossed off your giant To-Do list and journal about those amazing accomplishments.