Day 7 – California Adventure Park!

Another fun but exhausting Disney day! Up and out the door by 9am, we began our day at Disneyland since California Adventure Park didn’t open until 10. We grabbed a fast pass for Space Mountain then rushed over to the Matterhorn to ride the bobsleds. The line was huge for it already and they didn’t have a fast pass for it so we had to wait, but it was only about 30 minutes. I remember the bobsleds being much more fun, as this time they didn’t seem fast, there were no sharp drops or surprises, and I found it to be rather bumpy and annoying. Oh geez, am I getting old? Have I grown out of Disneyland?? Nah, never, I still love it there, just some of the rides aren’t as exciting now as when I was a kid.

After Space Mountain (and we had these 2 Japanese guys behind us who wouldn’t stop yelling at the top of their lungs the entire ride -it totally ruined it for us), we went to see the 3D show – Honey I Shrunk the Audience. It was really well done!! If you remember the “Honey I shrunk the kids” movie, it was the same cast. The whole theatre moved so that was a really cool effect that I hadn’t expected.

After the show, we went over to California Adventure Park which we really enjoyed – I think we liked it better than Disneyland actually. It is more geared towards Adults I think, and it wasn’t as crazy busy as Disneyland was. Also, it was all new to us so we had fun exploring everything (despite how sore our feet and legs were from the previous day). We went on the Tower of Terror again and there was no line at all so we basically walked right on. Awesome!! When we got off the ride, I heard the 2 ladies in front of me talking and one said “The huge rollercoaster is a breeze compared to this!”. Hmmm… I was still debating whether or not I was going to try the California Screamin’ rollercoaster.

So yes, I surprised myself and I did agree to go on the rollercoaster. My stomach was doing flip flops while we were waiting in line watching all the coasters zooming off, leaving a trail of screams behind them. Brent assured me it wouldn’t be as scary as the Tower of Terror, but I was thinking otherwise as I watched the coaster do a complete loop upsidedown. ugh

We get into the rollercoaster and guess where our seats were? In the VERY front! The first seats that are obviously the scariest since we see everything first! The only thing I was thinking was ‘yikes!!!’ but then everything happened so fast – we started off in water and then accelerated at a super hight speed and I got splashed in the face so I was more concerned at wiping the water out of my eyes for the time being. It actually felt like we were the only ones on this as I couldn’t hear anyone else screaming except for myself. The upside down loop was not as freaky as I anticipated and when we got off the ride, I thanked Brent for making me go on it and I said I wanted to go again. hehe

We had fast pass tickets to see Soaring over California – it was a simulated ride where you are sitting in ski lift type seats and they get raised up high right in front of an Imax screen. Your feet are dangling in the air and the seats move and sway as if you are flying through the air. Ok, so the rollercoaster didn’t freak me out, but this one did!! No one else seemed freaked out but I sure was. I glanced around briefly and saw people swinging their legs, sitting back looking all relaxed and there I was, clinging for dear life to the arm rests with a white knuckle grip – for the entire ride!! It was just too real for me. I think I must have a serious issue with heights. It was cool and very well done – “flying” over famous California landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, the ocean, orange orchards, snow capped mountains, and then Disneyland at night during the fireworks. Very well done, but it still freaked me out. lol

We cut our day a bit short and left after that ride, getting back to the hotel at 5 as we had work to do on the website in preparation for CHA tomorrow. We did head back to Disneyland later in the evening though to catch their Fantasmic show. The fireworks were first starting at 9:25 so we were going to take advantage of the empty rides during the fireworks show but just as we were on our way to Adventure land, an announcement is made that due to wind, the fireworks have been canceled. Just as a wave of people charged towards the entrance to Pirates of the Carribean, we made a mad dash for the ride and beat them all in the line up – we basically were able to walk right on the ride, but the waiting area filled up pretty quick behind us. Pirates turned out to be the only ride we went on that night as we went to find a seat for Fantasmic afterwards. The show was great! Just like how I remembered it! The only downside was the weather – it was quite cold out – felt like we were back in Vancouver, hehe.

So that’s it for Disney for us until Wednesday night – the next few days will all be CHA! Woohoo!