Day 6 – Friday – A Disney Day!

Our first day at Disney!!! Woohoo!!! First, however, we had to get the car taken care of, so as soon as we were up (at 7) we went straight to Midas. Turns out that all brake pads had to be replaced – on all 4 wheels. It had to be done, afterall brakes are a rather important component of the vehicle. We didn’t leave Midas until close to 10am, so much for being at Disneyland for opening at 9. Oh well, we still had 12 hours left in the day until closing and I was prepared to make every minute last! (yes of the entire 12 hours).

After rushing back to the hotel to drop the car off, we made sure we had everything we needed with us for the day and set out on our walk across the street to Disneyland. Across the street, ha! Technically it is across the street, but the Disney Resort is so huge – it takes much more than simply crossing the street to get there. It took us about 10 minutes and that was cause we missed the tram station and had to walk the entire way to the front gates. Not a big deal.

We get to the front gates and see California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney right there too! I hadn’t realized all 3 were so close together like that. We chose to go to Disneyland first and the front entrance was exactly like how I remembered. There were things I remembered perfectly and others looked completely different. I remembered the castle and the Matterhorn being much much bigger! It was a bit odd being here without my family though. I have so many great memories of all our family vacations here.

The weather here has been nice – not hot, not cold, just warm. So expecting the warm temperature like we had yesterday, I wore some capris and a tank top, excited that I can wear my summer clothes so soon! Yeah, well not so brilliant idea of mine. I was cold all day! I even saw a couple of the cast members wearing big heavy coats and one had a scarf and gloves on!! And there is me in a tank top. Lovely. I did get changed into pants and a sweatshirt when we went back to the hotel for dinner, but even after dinner I was cold in the sweatshirt.
So let’s see, what did we do…. the first ride we went on was Indiana Jones – neither of us had been on it before and it was very cool! We both loved it so that will be one we will go on again for sure. The wait wasn’t long at all either, maybe 10-15 minutes. We also toured both Tarzan’s Tree House and Tom Sawyer’s Island. Went on the newer Winnie the Pooh ride (pretty much a waste of time. They never should have replaced the Country Bear Jamboree with it), Thunder Mountain (not nearly as exciting as I remembered it to be but still fun in a tame way), Haunted Mansion (very tame and let’s just say I’m glad we didn’t waste a whole lot of time waiting in line for it), Mr Toad’s Wild Ride (a complete waste of time, will not be making this mistake again), Pirates of the Caribbean (A classic!! Totally awesome and looks great with the new additions of Cpt Jack Sparrow), Space Mountain (really fun but not as wild as I remember it. Also it has a special theme right now – lights and music to Red Hot Chili Peppers. It wasn’t in the complete dark anymore so we could see all the tracks, making it very different), and Star Tours (exactly like how I remembered, it felt like I had just seen it yesterday). Splash Mountain is closed down right now for maintenance, and so is Small World. Big loss there, that seemingly never-ending 14 minute slow moving boat ride through rooms of singing dolls….hmmm

Looking back on my list of rides there, it seems we hardly went on any!! Its amazing how much time it takes to walk around the park and wait in line ups. Disneyland is a vacation that is anything but relaxing! We were so exhausted by 4pm that we had to leave to come back to the hotel for a bit. After a quick dip in the hot tub, we went to get some dinner (to avoid paying the outrageous prices of food inside the theme parks), then we returned to the Disney Resort. This time we went to California Adventure Park, but unfortunetly it closes at 8 (Disneyland is open till 10). We had just over an hour and this park was so cool!! This was a first time for both of us to California Adventure Park and it wasn’t very busy (unlike Disneyland which was packed). We managed to get in 3 rides before the park closed – the Monsters Inc ride (tame, but cute – really well done and it looked like we were in the movie), The Muppets 3D show -(really well done), and the Tower of Terror (the scariest ride I have ever been on). Yes the tower was magnificent!! 13 stories tall and you are in an elevator that takes you right to the top, then drops you all the way down, then up again and so on. I was screaming so loud and clinging to poor Brent! It was terrifying but so much fun! Brent loved it too so we agreed we have to go on it again tomorrow. I am going to try to work up enough courage to go on the huge rollercoaster tomorrow – its called California Screamin’ and it does go upside down once. Going upside down totally freaks me out for some reason so we will see if I am able to make it on that ride. Hehe…

We went back to Disneyland for a bit after the Adventure park closed, then we headed back to the hotel a bit earlier than I originally planned but we were both exhausted. Just as we arrived back at the hotel, the Disney fireworks started and we had a perfect view of them! They lasted 30 minutes and were fantastic! Disney sure knows how to put on a good show, they always put 110% into everything they do.

We haven’t even been away a week yet but it feels like so much longer. I am already dreading the drive back home – days in the car just do not seem appealing at all to me right now. This trip has been fun but it has also been exhausting. I miss Angus and Zoey (my dogs). This is the longest I have been away from them ever. Although it sounds like they are having a fabulous time at my parents house so I doubt they miss us at all. When I go to pick them up, I bet they won’t even want to leave. It is so funny cause Brent and I talk about them quite often, just the smallest thing will make us think of them. In the petting zoo at Disneyland today Brent mentioned that this little white goat that was there kinda looked like Angus. (well maybe his color….) and then after we saw the fireworks tonight he said the fireworks reminded him of the dogs and he missed them. (We took them to a fireworks show once last summer). So yeah we miss them. It is so odd waking up in the middle of the night and not having to fight with a dog or two for space on the bed or for my own pillow back.

So tomorrow is another Disney Day. I will make sure I hustle Brent in the morning so we are there at opening since it is Saturday and it will probably be even more busier then it was today. I will also be sure to wear a coat! Then Sunday is CHA!! Woohoo!! A very exciting weekend lies ahead!


The main gates at Disneyland – that tall tower in the background is the Tower of Terror at California Adventure Park


Here we are at the Happiest Place on Earth!

On Space Mountain – we are right in front!