Day 5 of 50 Days of Journaling

Finally I somewhat have my computer back up – with a brand new hard drive – but something else is wrong and it’s gotta go back in again *sigh* but while I still have it, here is Day 5 of the 50 Days of Journaling:

1. “Around Me” : you can take this a few different ways. Look around you right now and journal about what the room you’re in looks like, what stuff you have lying around, what book you are currently reading, what project you are working on, etc.



2. ‘What I’m currently…..”  reading….working on (projects)…listening to….etc. Take a photo of the books in your bookshelf and journal about what the books are, or which ones you are currently reading. Or take a look in your ipod and journal about your most played tunes. I did my page on what shows are currently in our DVR. This kind of stuff may seem like just ordinary day to day stuff, but later on, these really are fun to look back on and read.