Day 3 – New Tutorial & a Sweet Treat idea

here is day 3’s tutorial, sorry I’m getting this posted so late, we’ve been painting in our house all day and I haven’t been on the computer at all today.

So here it is: a very quick and easy little gift project: Pillow box gift card holder. This would be perfect to give as a birthday gift or to that special teacher as a thank you gift. : ) It’s just the right size to slip a gift card into.


You will need:

– 1 sheet patterened paper, cardstock weight

– bone folder

– adhesive

– pillowbox template. (there are lots of them online – do a google search under images) the one I used can be found here


1. Cut out your pillowbox template and trace it onto your patterned paper


2. Cut the pillowbox shape out of the patterned paper.


3. Lay the template ontop of the patterned paper cut out and trace the lines with a bone folder. Press hard.


4. Fold along all the lines, press with bone folder if needed


5. Carfeully fold in the side flaps, this can be a little tricky


6. Glue the small flap to the inside of the box


7. Fold sides in on both sides and your box is complete!


Add some ribbon, embellishments and a tag and it’s ready to give as a gift.

One more thing for tonight: it’s not a recipe but just a cool idea for a summer treat. It’s been SUPER HOT here this week (I’m not complaining, really I’m not, just stating a fact….haha) so I’ve been trying to find ways to keep cool. (It gets unbearably hot in our house too…I’m really looking forward to having air conditioning when I move down south). So here is a little something I did today and it turned out pretty good.

Frozen Pudding Popsicles


I took some of these little puddings by Kozy Shack – this package is the Apple Pie ones (mmmm…) and they are also the no sugar added ones! bonus!!

Simply open the pudding cup, mix it up, and insert a popsicle stick.


Put them in the freezer. (I only had mine in there a couple hours and they were already frozen hard)


Once frozen, run the cup under hot water until the popsicle slips right out. Enjoy!