I’m here in Cincinnati this week, at F & W Publications (home of Memory Makers).  It is so cool to be here! Everyone at F & W is so nice – I’ve been having lots of fun there 🙂 It is really cool to learn more about the book process and all the many elements that go into it, there is so much involved that I’ve never realized before.

Yesterday F & W launched a new website: MyCraftivity  – they had 2 huge cakes there to celebrate, so of course we took a quick sugar break to enjoy some cake mid afternoon – it was seriously the best cake I have had in so long – and the icing was amazing (and I don’t normally like many icings).

Now I’m back in my hotel room for the night, trying to catch up on emails. It’s pouring rain outside so I’m not really feeling like venturing out on any walks tonight (even though the huge mall across the street is tempting me….). Yeah this rain is incredible – and I’m from rainy Vancouver and this is worse than the rain we get there! lol