Leaving on a jet plane…..

Tweet well, ok not really on a jet plane, but more so a Mazda Protege 5. hehe We are just about to embark on our 16 hour + drive to Yellowstone National Park (we are driving all night long). It is apparently snowing there right now (oh joy…) and yes we are still going. And(…)

Here it is!

Tweet I am really excited that I can post this (I asked today and was told I can :)) – the reason why I am in Cincinnati right now, is because I am here for part of the photography for my book. Outstanding Mini Albums: 50 Ideas for Creating Mini Scrapbooks. We did all the(…)


Tweet I’m here in Cincinnati this week, at F & W Publications (home of Memory Makers).  It is so cool to be here! Everyone at F & W is so nice – I’ve been having lots of fun there 🙂 It is really cool to learn more about the book process and all the many(…)

Portland day 4

Tweet Our Portland trip has come to an end, but we will be back next year! After we checked out of the hotel, we went off to find the Craft Warehouse, then spent quite a bit of time in there. 🙂 There was a Ross right across the parking lot so we checked that place(…)

Portland day 3

Tweet Another busy in Portland! We spent the day checking out various places, our favorite being the Lloyd Center Mall. The last 2 classes at CKC went really well, then we made a mad dash for the Outlet centers that were 20 miles south of Portland. They closed at 8pm and we didn’t get there(…)

Portland Day 2

Tweet 6 classes down, 2 more to go. Today was such a busy day but fun! I am pleased to report that we only got lost ONCE today (opposed to 5 times yesterday). We started our day at the CKC show – in the vendor fair. Crazy busy! We did some shopping and left about(…)

Portland Trip day 1

Tweet What an incredibly long day its been. Nicole (from arrived to pick me up at 8:30 am this morning and with the car absolutely FULL of class kits (over 400 various kits), we set off on our journey to CKC Portland. From out previous road trip to CKC Seattle, we don’t have a(…)

CKC Portland Classes

Tweet All weekend I have been busy putting together the kits for my classes at CKC Portland later this coming week. I’ll be teaching 2 classes for a little coaster album “Betcha Didn’t Know” and 2 classes for a Pet themed accordion album. Should be fun! I should have some extra kits left over, so(…)

Away again

Tweet I have not been a very good blogger lately, its been all I can do just getting the Year in Review challenges up! The last couple weeks have been crazy. I came down with a cold just over 2 weeks ago, and a few days later traveled to Houston,Texas for 5 days. The great(…)

Year in Review Challenge #4

Tweet How’s everyone doing with these challenges? Here is #4 – this will be the last one for January so make sure you get all your January challenges uploaded I will announce the 2 January winners (one for favorite layout, one random winner out of everyone) on February 1, along with the first challenge for(…)