Yummy Lemon Squares Recipe

Tweet Here’s an oldie but a goodie! Here is my favorite Lemon Squares recipe – I’ve been making this one for about 8 years or so. Always a favorite! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚   Yummy Lemon Squares ย  Crust: 1.5 cups flour 3/4 cup icing sugar (powdered sugar) 3/4 cup butter Lemon Filling: 6 large eggs 3(…)

Right Now

Tweet It is the last day of March today and our first “nice” day of the year so far here in Chicago. Today is the warmest day of the year at nearly 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 60 degrees??? Heatwave for us! It’s a little windy outside but I am so tempted to pull out all my(…)

Go Organic! How to Eat Organically on a Budget

Tweet With all the information out there now, it’s no surprise that Organic and non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) food are better for us, but what is really stopping so many people from eating the better foods? Usually it tends to be price. For example, if you see some organic apples with a price tag(…)

Tasty Tuesday: Broccoli Cheese Muffins & St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

Tweet I’ve ย been busy baking this past week and here are some of the new yummy recipes I created. (Please feel free to share these but kindly link back to here ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I create all these recipes myself from scratch.) Today’s very successful recipe: Broccoli Cheese Muffins. Both Ava and I went crazy over these!(…)

Friday Photos

Tweet Here are all the photos that I posted this week on Instagram: Just a little bit of randomness for today ๐Ÿ™‚ This is Angus last night on our way into Chicago for a show. He and Moose were both requested for the show but since the vehicle was full of all the other animal’s(…)

Right now

Tweet not enjoying this winter in Illinois. Not. At. All. Did a deep clean of the house yesterday and it felt fantastic. Although now my back doesn’t feel so fantastic…. Stayed up way too late last night and woke up way too early. (huge thank you to 2 of my dogs for waking me up(…)

Hidden Veggie Recipes for Picky Toddlers (& Kids of all Ages!)

Tweet It was literally only a few months ago when Ava was eating everything we put in front of her and I remember boasting proudly that she did so. Well I sure learned my lesson, now she has become much much pickier with her food. She has also learned that having 3 dogs and a(…)

Randomness Today in Our House/Zoo

Tweet Today Ava still isn’t feeling 100%, far from it I think. Back to the Dr we go tomorrow. *sigh* So we stayed home all day, and Ava had a PJ’s day. She asked continuously for a muffin and it’s so hard to say no to her when she asks so nicely “Pease??? Pease???” When(…)

Welcome November

Tweet All day today I kept writing “October” on everything by mistake, cause really – how can it possibly be NOVEMBER already? Feels like I blinked and it went from August to November. But November is indeed here and that means it is less than 2 months until Christmas! Yikes. I might as well just(…)

Halloween Goodies!

Tweet How can it be right around the corner already? We haven’t even been to the pumpkin patch yet… Here are a couple quick and easy (and of course yummy!) Halloween recipes for you:   I’m also working on 3 tutorials for Halloween crafts and I’ll have those up later today, but here is a(…)