Daily Life

Usually non scrapbook related, just about my daily activities. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not so interesting :)

Our Road Trip! Day 1 & 2

Tweet We’re in San Francisco!! We left for our trip yesterday (Sunday) morning at 7am – after only getting about 3 and a half hours of sleep. We were tired but excited and we wanted to leave early to avoid traffic at the border. As it was, there was absolutely no traffic at all and(…)

Wish Lists

Tweet Thanks to TraceyG for this idea! Here are 3 lists I am going to continue to add things to for the next little while. First list is what you want to do in your life that doesn’t cost. We all don’t have money and I’m sure there are things we would like to do(…)

One more week!!

Tweet Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! One more week until we leave for Disneyland!! I mean… CHA!!! And Disneyland!!! WOOHOO!!! Already I have read 5 guidebooks on Disneyland and the Anaheim area. Everynight I take one to bed and I’m up until usually 2am reading away. I have been there before but its been about 14 years(…)

2006 in Review

Tweet I copied this from Lisa’s site – thanks Lisa for the great idea! 1. What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before? Moved off the island! 2. Did you keep your new years resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Um, well I don’t usually stick to them, so(…)

Thankful – January 5, 2007

Tweet What an eye opener today was for me. I did a ride along with Brent in the ambulance from 1:00pm until midnight. He was working right downtown Vancouver – the East Side, which is known as the “not so nice” part of town. That is putting it mildly. It was a relatively uneventful night(…)

My Own Blog – September 21, 2006

Tweet Wow, my own Blog. Finally I have joined everyone else and started my own Blog. Blog- what a funny name, I wonder who came up with it. Anyway, today is September 21, 2006. My Grandma’s birthday- Happy Birthday Grandma! It’s also Brent’s mom’s birthday too! Happy Birthday Suzanne! Oh- and isn’t it the first(…)

The Likely Hilton – September 21, 2006

Tweet Hmmm…the pic I posted of the magnificant Likely Hilton didn’t show up, so I’ll try posting it again. I just realized they have a gym at the hotel. Take note of the treadmill sitting outside the window. Now that’s classy.

My First Experience with Threading… September 25, 2006

Tweet Yesterday I had my eyebrows done- had them threaded actually. First time I ever had them threaded. I am cautious about going to new places to have them done as I have had some not so great experiences before- even at higher price spas. One time I got burnt- like really burnt. The temperature(…)

The Story of our Trip up North (September 2006)

Tweet Ok, its super late, but I am loving this blog thing and I just had to come write something today! I realized I haven’t finished writing about our glorious camping trip from last week. Ok, where was I? The first night: we stayed in the middle of nowhere. I may have already mentioned this(…)