Daily Life

Usually non scrapbook related, just about my daily activities. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not so interesting :)

Toddlerhood: 18 on the 18th

Tweet Today my baby turns 18 months. 18 months on the 18th, exactly a year and a half. *sigh* To think it was just a matter of months ago that she wasn’t even walking yet, and now she is literally RUNNING all around. She says new words every day now and she is understanding more(…)

3 Dogs & a Baby: Visit Santa

Tweet Last week when Steve and I went out for our date night, we stopped at the mall to do a little bit of early (well I guess it’s not that early) Christmas shopping. I noticed a sign up near the Santa visiting palace that they were doing a Pet Photo with Santa night! Woo!!(…)

How far we’ve come

Tweet 4 years ago today Steve and I went on our very first official date – to Disneyland 🙂 We were in our first year in the Exotic Animal and Training Management program and at that point the only animals we had been allowed to touch or even talk to were the opossum, rabbit, chinchilla,(…)

Welcome November

Tweet All day today I kept writing “October” on everything by mistake, cause really – how can it possibly be NOVEMBER already? Feels like I blinked and it went from August to November. But November is indeed here and that means it is less than 2 months until Christmas! Yikes. I might as well just(…)

Happy Halloween!

Tweet Nope, we did not go trick or treating tonight. First of all we do not let Ava eat candy, and Steve doesn’t like candy, so I would end up eating all of it. Which I don’t need. Plus (and this was a major determining factor) it was pouring with rain. So we decided to(…)

A little zombie like

Tweet That’s how I was feeling tonight. Yesterday morning I was up super early (after getting barely 4 hours of sleep) as Ava and I were going to Indianapolis to visit my sister and my nieces for the night. I rushed around loading the car with our stuff, and then I spent close to an(…)

There’s a pig in my closet

Tweet …and a cavy in my kitchen and a spider in my purse. Yep all those things in one day, once again – it’s never a dull moment around here. Norman the pig loves to rummage around in our room, and my purse if he can find it. He knows there is usually some sort(…)

How to Travel Alone with a Toddler Without Losing Your Mind

Tweet Well I did it again. Traveling solo with my baby for the third trip. She has now been on 13 airplanes already. 13! The first time was when she was 4 months old. I wrote an article here on that with lots of tips on traveling with an infant around that age, and also(…)

Throwback Thursday

Tweet My mum found this photo of me when I was a year and a half or so and sent it to me a little while ago. I think Ava looks a bit like me, what do you think? Actually now that she’s getting a little older, people tell me more often that she looks(…)

Summer Recap Part 2, our life in Illinois

Tweet I thought our recap of the rest of our summer can best be summed up with photos. So here is a little (well pretty big, lol) gallery of how our summer looked. And now Fall is here, and I’m thinking of Christmas already. What is wrong with me?