Daily Life

Usually non scrapbook related, just about my daily activities. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not so interesting :)

The Pumpkin Patch

Tweet Today was such a gorgeous Fall day – days like these are my absolute favorite. For the past week we’ve been getting nothing but rain and more rain, but today the sun was out and the air was actually warm (yay!) . We took a break from work and took a trip to the(…)

Always read labels….

Tweet I just want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted mini books to be considered for my book. I am blown away by all the talented people out there! It’s been a lot of fun looking at everyone’s galleries and blogs too. I am really behind right now with(…)

October is here!

Tweet I really love October – the trees are changing colour, leaves are falling, pumpkin fields are looking more orange by the day. I just hope we get some lovely Fall days where the sun is shining, the air is crisp, and we can get out with the dogs for some long walks. So far,(…)

Vegas At Last

Tweet Here we are in Vegas! It’s been an incredibly long day, I can’t believe its only 10pm – the night is just starting here…and we are heading to bed – LOL Because we left it to the very last minute to pack for the trip, we ended up staying up until 2:30am last night(…)

This n’ that

Tweet I’ve recently discovered Google Reader – and totally loving being able to read daily updates on my favorite blogs and sites all in one place. So cool! Google is so amazing, they keep coming out with more and more tools to use on there – I just need some more time to learn how(…)

My newest project….

Tweet I know, I have been a really bad blogger lately, but in all honesty, things have been really busy. That, and the fact that I have a couple things I am just bursting to tell everyone but I haven’t been able to. I will say this much though… I am just about to start(…)

What a great weekend it was

Tweet We got back last night from spending the weekend on the island visiting my parents. It was a busy weekend but we had a lot of fun! It always seems that we have to cram so much into the little time that we have to spend there now. It was my mum’s birthday a(…)

Supernatural TV Show

Tweet Something cool is happening in our neighborhood! They are filming an episode of the TV show “Supernatural” in the very place we have been walking our dogs at several times a week. The abandoned Airforce barracks is currently one big tv set. While we were walking there a couple days ago, they were putting(…)

Unexpected Beauty

Tweet Another busy busy week has just flown by in a blink! A few days ago we took the dogs for a walk to this new place we were told about – its a huge lot of vacant land that used to be where the Airforce barracks were. It’s so cool! There aren’t buildings left(…)

What did we get ourselves into?……

Tweet   We did something a little crazy last night. For the last month we have been in the process of adopting a pair of guinea pigs. After our bunny died last summer we have had his big cage sitting empty and I used to have many guinea pigs when I was younger and thought(…)