Daily Life

Usually non scrapbook related, just about my daily activities. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not so interesting :)

Hello again

Tweet Yes I am still here. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and not so much in a good way, but we have pushed through it. Easily the most stressful and busiest year of my life (even more than my time in the EATM program – which at the time I didn’t think anything(…)

Easter Outtakes

Tweet Well, all my latest attempts at trying to get Ava’s Easter photos taken this year keep getting squashed. The weather has just been awful and I really wanted to take the photos outside. It inevitably gets put off and put off, as I keep hoping for better weather each day. One day was beautiful(…)

Right Now

Tweet It is the last day of March today and our first “nice” day of the year so far here in Chicago. Today is the warmest day of the year at nearly 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 60 degrees??? Heatwave for us! It’s a little windy outside but I am so tempted to pull out all my(…)

Friday Photos

Tweet Here are all the photos that I posted this week on Instagram: Just a little bit of randomness for today ๐Ÿ™‚ This is Angus last night on our way into Chicago for a show. He and Moose were both requested for the show but since the vehicle was full of all the other animal’s(…)

Meanwhile at the zoo

Tweet or rather, at our house…. playing with 3 of the baby hedgehogs. At just a little over 2 months old, they are now the same size as their parents! Wow, did they ever grow fast. Thank goodness human babies don’t grow this fast. These 3 babies are all female and they still live with(…)

Right now

Tweet not enjoying this winter in Illinois. Not. At. All. Did a deep clean of the house yesterday and it felt fantastic. Although now my back doesn’t feel so fantastic…. Stayed up way too late last night and woke up way too early. (huge thank you to 2 of my dogs for waking me up(…)

Thrifty Thursday – Great Finds

Tweet We have found some incredible deals at thrift stores so I wanted to share some of our best finds as of recently. When I lived in California, the area I was in did not have many thrift stores at all and the ones it did have were a big disappointment. So while I was(…)

Randomness Today in Our House/Zoo

Tweet Today Ava still isn’t feeling 100%, far from it I think. Back to the Dr we go tomorrow. *sigh* So we stayed home all day, and Ava had a PJ’s day. She asked continuously for a muffin and it’s so hard to say no to her when she asks so nicely “Pease??? Pease???” When(…)


Tweet Since I haven’t blogged this past month I thought I should follow along in Stephanie’s footsteps and participate in a Blog Your Heart Out post. Why not? Here is my random photo: one of our baby hedgehogs. We now have 6 hedgehogs and we’re keeping all of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here I go! 1. ย One(…)

Our Holiday Recap

Tweet I really should have blogged more in December, that way I wouldn’t have 200 photos to show in this post. Just kidding, there aren’t quite 200 photos. ha! So here is our December recap: We started out by celebrating an early Christmas in Indiana at my sisters with my family: Then a few days(…)