Animal/ Zoo stuff

Starting A Week in the Life…..

Tweet I have really wanted to partake in Ali E’s Week in the Life challenge so I’m going to try it starting now. I know, I am totally late with this, but better late than never right? Here is a recap of the last 5 days (I will try to get some photos up here(…)

Thinking Christmas already??

Tweet I know, it seems like its waaaaayyy too early to already be thinking about Christmas!!!  Especially since it was so nice weather wise (finally!!) here today and was actually beautiful, sunny and HOT out! Here is a Clear Holiday Mini Album I will be teaching  at Precious Memories (and of course, once again staring none(…)

This past week

Tweet Another busy week has gone by and this one is just starting out! I’ve been taking a little break from scrapbooking but I have started a couple new projects that I hope to finish soon. (will post pics when they’re done). Never a dull moment around here anymore – with so many little critters(…)

Introducing Oscar….the houdini

Tweet Yes, that’s right: We got another pet. *sigh* It all started about 3 weeks ago when we went to our local little pet store to pick up some fish food. They *thankfully* do not support puppy mills therefore they refuse to sell animals at the store. (please please be aware that any pet store(…)

A Sad Goodbye

Tweet Today is a sad day for us. Tweak (one of our guinea pigs) died earlier this afternoon. He was the sweetest little guy, very friendly and always wanted to be picked up and cuddled. We get so attached to these little critters, its so hard when they eventually leave us. We miss you already(…)

Furry Friends

Tweet I just wanted to share these cute photos I got the other day. Some people don’t believe me when I tell them all our pets get along together. Especially since we have 2 terriers which are known for hunting small animals. I thought these quotes went perfectly with the photos too 🙂

Santa Photo!

Tweet Quick post for today – we just got home from visiting Santa! 🙂  Zoey and Angus were so good at the mall, even with a whole bunch of other dogs there!