Animal/ Zoo stuff

Let’s see those mini books!

Tweet Who’s working on the challenge for this month? Just a reminder that they are due in by September 29, and please let me know if I can post pictures of them here. If you just want to enter for the giveaway, you can leave a comment under any post from August 25 until now.(…)

The fires are getting closer…

Tweet What a scary thing this is – all these crazy wild fires burning here in Southern California. They aren’t in the area I’m in but they are getting closer. Our usual blue sky was all hazy and overcast looking, but it was all smoke. We can smell it in the mornings at the zoo.(…)

A “Birds of Prey” Day…

Tweet Getting up at 4:45 AM 3 days a week is tough, but it was definitely worth it today! As I hurried to get my usual early morning activities done such as getting ready to school, taking the dogs out then feeding them and then letting them go back to bed (haha), I  couldn’t wait(…)

Monday Giveaway!

Tweet How did Monday possibly get here so fast? I feel like my life is in fast forward mode continously! In exactly one month I will already be in my new house in Southern California. Crazy…. Today’s giveaway is a few different things: a package of Scenic Route Rub On Labels, Making Memories Rub On(…)

A Very Emotional Weekend….

Tweet Excitement, happiness, Joy, shock, nervousness, sadness… yep we’ve been experiencing them all here the past few days. I got some amazing news a few days ago, news that I’ve been hoping for and waiting for, for the last 8 months. I got accepted into a program called the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program.(…)

April Classes

Tweet My new classes for April are done! I actually got them done on time for once, lol. I really had a ton of fun making these ones and probably cause the paper is just so darn cute!  They are both mini album classes (cause of course that’s really all I make anymore) at Precious(…)

Had a blast in California!

Tweet Just a warning: this post is going to be full of photos! I got back from California last night and was so exhausted that I pretty much went right to bed and fell asleep almost immeadiately! So today I’m trying to catch up on emails, unpack, and work on some upcoming classes. The dogs(…)

We’re down to just one…

Tweet Just one guinea pig that is. Our little pig Ernest died today. We knew it was coming. He was old and very frail but he kept his spunky attitude right up to the last minute. Fro (who is a BIG pig) is our last remaining one. I think our guinea pig saga is coming to(…)

It’s going to be a White Christmas…

Tweet This is what I heard on the news today, actually what they said was that there is a very good chance that all of Canada is going to have a White Christmas – the first time this has happened since 1971! This is somewhat unusual for us West Coasters, as we are used to(…)

There’s a raccoon on my back!

Tweet Week in the Life continued…. (this is fun, I’m really enjoying this!) Today: *Woke up at 6:30am expecting Brent to get home from work any minute *Got out of bed at 7 and went downstairs to get breakfast (Special K) *Brent called at 7:15 and said he was just leaving work (he was working(…)