Animal/ Zoo stuff

Bring on the desserts!!!

Tweet Recently someone pointed out to me that stressed spelled backwards is desserts. How did I not notice this before? How appropriate since this is quite a stressful time right now AND I have a love of everything sweet. It’s been months since I’ve last updated this blog, it really is hard to find the(…)

Saying Goodbye…

Tweet It’s tough, it’s usually hard saying goodbye. It seems there have been quite a few goodbyes lately. The most recent was saying goodbye to Laramie, the Golden Eagle at the zoo. She had been sick the past few weeks and severely went downhill this past week. She passed away on Friday last week. One(…)

And just like that, it’s over….

Tweet Another semester over already. Although this one ended with relief from most of us that we made it through another semester, but sadly, for a few of my classmates, it ended altogether. Just another reminder of how quick it can all end, how important it is to keep our grades up, and once again(…)

Happiness is…..

Tweet * A gorgeous sunny day after a couple days of rain * clean puppies!! Both Angus and Zoey had baths today : ) * Finding out that I’ll be training a hyena, a capuchin monkey, a golden eagle and an Indian crested porcupine! * new animals at the zoo * getting to touch both(…)

Sad endings and sweet beginnings

Tweet It’s hard to believe I’ve been here for 7 months now… Hard to believe I’m in my second semester of Eatm already… Hard to believe we find out what animals we get to train soon! I do miss scrapbooking a lot but I’m going to throw myself back in for a bit as I’m(…)

Still here

Tweet Happy New Year!! Yes I’m still here, even though I haven’t blogged for well over 2 months – where does the time go?? I just don’t seem to have as much time on the computer as I used to in my pre-EATM days, hence the lack of blog updates. Lots has happened over the(…)

Life at the Zoo

Tweet Really? Oct 9 was the last time I did an update? It feels like it was a couple days ago. Things here are going well, but even busier which I didn’t think was possible. Last week was crazy but also very cool for all of us “first years” at the zoo. The second year(…)

More ups than downs

Tweet As I was walking across campus today it suddenly hit me that it’ll be mid October next week. Here we are in Fall already and today really was the perfect Fall day. Blue skies, not a single cloud to be seen anywhere. Warm but not hot, just right for a tshirt but too warm(…)

Where to begin….

Tweet So much has happened here the last couple weeks…it’s a little overwhelming trying to remember everything! A couple weeks ago we had the chaos of the wildfires burning here in Ventura County. My very first experience with them and I’ll admit, it was a little scary! One fire came within a mile from the(…)

Guess what….

Tweet Guess what I got today? A little baby rat!! (and yes they did put her inside a paper bag for me to take her home in! isn’t that terrible?) I had to stop off at the pet store on the way home from school today to get more bedding for Fro’s cage, and there(…)