Animal/ Zoo stuff

We have a new baby in the house!

Tweet No, it’s not our daughter Ava – she’s not due for another couple months. But we do have another new baby that we recently added to our family… it’s a little white nosed Coati (AKA Coatimundi). We’ve had him just about a week now and he’s almost 3 weeks old. I really am in(…)

Can’t Get Enough…

Tweet of popsicles. I know, random right? It’s something I constantly crave and have been for weeks. Months even maybe, I don’t know, I really don’t remember how long. Our freezer is overflowing with boxes of various flavors of popsicles though. Today is for sure a day when they are greatly appreciated. It reached about(…)

Sliding on into 3rd….

Tweet Trimester that is!!! 3rd trimester already, O.M.G. So I truly suck at blogging. My first excuse was going to be that I’ve been busy, but come on, the baby isn’t even here yet! If I’m busy now, then what’s it going to be like once she’s born? Honestly though, yes things have been busy.(…)

Moose turns 1 today!

Tweet Happy Birthday to our little Moose. I can’t believe our baby puppy is a year old today, and what a year it’s been for him. At only 8 weeks old, he had Parvo Virus which is usually fatal for such young dogs. Thankfully he made it through as we caught it early and we(…)

2011 Top 10 Most Memorable Moments

Tweet 2011: what a year!  I can say for sure that it is the most memorable and best year of my life so far 🙂 here are my top 10 most memorable moments of the year: 1. Marrying my best friend   2.  Our graduation from the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program in California(…)

Our New “Babe” and Day 6 of 50 Days of Journaling

Tweet Once again a delay in the journaling prompts and I am sorry for that. My lovely laptop decided to wreak havic this month and had to go in to get fixed THREE times. I think it spent more time in the Apple store this month then it did in our home. Finally it seems(…)

Where does it all go?

Tweet Time, that is. It seems to pass by in the blink of an eye! I really need more hours in the day to get stuff done. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t have to sleep? I’ve tried staying up super late just to make use of the extra time, but then getting up(…)

Believe in Magic

Tweet It’s already been a little over a month since our wedding day, but just thinking back on it brings a huge smile to my face. Think about the perfect day that you would like to re-live over and over and that is that day for me. I started my day out at the zoo(…)

It’s been a great ride….

Tweet A little over 2 years ago I got news that changed my life forever. Shortly after that I left my home, my family, my friends and my country to pursue a lifelong dream. Was it worth it? 110%. I haven’t looked back. My time here in California has been incredible. I’ve learned so much,(…)

But that only happens to other people….

Tweet Welcome May!! And here begins the busiest, craziest, most amazing and life changing month in my life so far! Let’s see….getting married….graduation….going to Disneyland with my entire family…..packing and more packing…..honeymoon to Disney World in Florida……more packing….driving across the country to Chicago…starting new job in Chicago!! Whew!!! What a month it will be indeed.(…)