Can’t Get Enough…

of popsicles. I know, random right? It’s something I constantly crave and have been for weeks. Months even maybe, I don’t know, I really don’t remember how long. Our freezer is overflowing with boxes of various flavors of popsicles though. Today is for sure a day when they are greatly appreciated. It reached about 80 degrees here and inside our house it’s been real toasty.

What else have I been craving….root beer floats lately! I’ve only given in a couple times to those so far though. And water, lots and lots of ice cold water.

So I am 28 weeks today. Wow. I remember reaching 8 weeks and being so excited for making it that long. It’s funny though cause I’ll wake up in the morning and find myself lying on my back as usual, and I’ll feel completely normal and for a few seconds a wave of panic overcomes me as I reach down and feel my tummy. Whew! Ok the bump is still there, yes I am still pregnant! haha. Odd how I can so quickly forget the 4 or 5 times I was up during the night to pee. Oh pregnancy joys.

Speaking of pregnancy joys, I get a whole slew of weekly emails from various sites that update me on how my pregnancy is or should be progressing. Today I was informed my baby is the size of a rutabega. Really? A rutabega? Could they not use something else that might be more common to visualize the size of?

Last week I opened an email that said “Welcome to this next week of your pregnancy! There are exciting things to come for you and your baby!” Then the next line said:

“In this issue:

– Heartburn

– Bleeding Gums

– Leg Cramps”

Oh EXCITING!!!! Woo! Thanks for the heads up! ….blah

And none of those were news to me since I’ve had all of them for the last month already. Loads of fun.

Otherwise though I have nothing to complain about. Starting to feel more tired again like I did in the first trimester but that could also be because I’m getting up real early again.

I am loving my big recliner that’s in the nursery so much. I try to sit in it whenever I can but then all 3 dogs want to sit with me too. Zoey often beats me to the chair every time so I have to scoot her over. A couple nights ago Norman the pig was in here with us and he eventually got bored wandering around the room and jumped right into the chair – with me and the 3 dogs!! I had to get up fast since his little hooves are quite sharp and he was basically sitting in my lap.

so then Moose gets down and Norman realizes he has room to lie down.


So much for getting to sit in my big chair. *sigh*

Today they all tried again to sit with me, so I then tossed my Boppy pillow and my preggle pillow into the crib (which is right beside the chair) and I plunked them all into the crib. Turns out they just wanted to be in the room with me as they were perfectly happy lounging on the pillows in the crib. Too funny.

As funny and cute as this is, this will not be a regular occurrence. I need to get them all used to sleeping on the floor of the nursery or in one of their own beds or we are going to have real problems once little Ava gets here!